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Senior Homecare Services in Baltimore County

Do you have a senior family member in the Baltimore County area in need of home care services? GMG is trusted by families throughout the Baltimore County to provide senior home care services. We can help your family find peace of mind by providing home care services for your senior loved ones.

GMG Care is a licensed and registered home care provider agency serving Maryland by recruiting, training, and preparing all our caregivers to provide you with the best level of care possible. Staying at home as long as possible is a priority for many seniors; however, age and health issues can make this difficult. We at GMG Home Health Care want to help them in staying at home and receiving all the support they need.

We provide compassionate services that spark conversation and events that enhance the senior’s mental, physical, social, and emotional lives. Our senior home care services allow people to regain their freedom by providing them with an in-home assistant who can help them with many of their daily struggles. And we are proudly serving Allegheny County, Washington County, Frederick County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Howard County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and many more.

Services We Provide

Senior Home Healthcare Services in Baltimore County

Custom Homecare


Skilled Nurses

Specialized Care

Personal Care


Our Values

What We Believe In

Our dedication to the client experience is what makes GMG Home Health Care unique. At GMG, providing peace of mind to our clients is more than a corporate mission statement; it is the primary reason for doing what we do.


Safety of our patients and staff comes first.


Our patients are always our top priority.


We encourage respect towards one another and all those who entrust us to provide our services.


We promote empowerment to our patients to partake in decision-making.


We encourage a strong work ethic, holding ourselves accountable in providing quality care and services.


We hire only reliable individuals to provide care.

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GMG is a Residential Service Agency, licensed by the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Health Care Quality. GMG was established to provide quality care for all ages in the comfort of our patients’ homes. 


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