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Program Description

The certified medication technician (CMT) class or training program is intended for individuals who want to administer medication, under the supervision and delegation of a Registered Nurse (RN). The settings that the Medication Technician could function is included but are not limited to: assisted living, a Developmental Disabilities alternative living unit, the Department of Juvenile Service’s residential placement programs, and the school health setting etc. Learn more about what this class or program entails below.

About the Certified Medication Technician Training Program

The Med tech, CMT or certified medication technician training course is a 20-hour clock program. This course is designed for persons who wish to administer medication in the home or in assisted living facilities under the delegation or supervision of a registered nurse. Students enrolled in the course will learn the following:

  • Role of the Med Tech, CMT or medication technician
  • How to safely administer medication
  • Medication uses, responses, interactions and documentation
  • Observing, reporting and recording physical and behavioral changes as it relates to medication administration
  • Medication storage etc.
Registration for CMT Classes

To register for the CMT class, please click on the “Enroll Now” button below. To register for classes, a non-refundable $75.00 deposit is required. Non-refundable means, refunds are not granted. Once your deposit has been made, you are officially registered for the course. Payments can be made by money order, certified check, cash, and card. Once your deposit has been made, the balanced owed is $125.00.

CMT Class Expectations

You will need a pen and a pencil to write with during the course of the training program so bring these items each day of class. Casual, professional attire is expected throughout the course of the program, so dress accordingly. Timely attendance for all four days of the program is required. Missing a day or arriving late to class will make you ineligible to complete the program.

Due to the current pandemic, the CMT course will be held via Zoom or in person.

You will receive an email one week prior to the start of classes with more program details. If you do not receive this email, please call us at


Medication Technician Classes Schedule
Pre-requisites for the courses:
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must pass a basic reading comprehension and basic math pre-test
CMT Renewal

Please call 240-513-6856 to schedule your 4hr/ 1day clinical update course. If you have an active CMT certification in Maryland and it’s due for recertification.

Cost- $100.00

The following items are required for the Renewal CMT class.

  • Student Manual (included in the cost and provided in class)
  • Renewal Certification Application (obtained only from the MBON)
  • Fill out in black ink only!
  • RN Supervisor at your place of employment will need to sign the renewal application before the class.
  • $30.00 online payment on the Maryland Board of Nursing website.

Please click on upcoming events for classes date and times.


CMT (Med Tech) Class Cost
Tuition $ 200.00
Maryland Board Of Nursing (MBON) Application Fee $ 30.00




To ensure that you meet all requirements needed to become a CMT please visit: How to Become a Medication Technician

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